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Curtis Instruments Puerto Rico

History of Curtis Instruments (Puerto Rico), Inc.

To increase the production of the original factory of Curtis in Mt. Kisco, New York the subsidiary of Curtis Instruments in Puerto Rico was established in 1986. With the purpose of developing this new factory Curtis hired engineers, production technicians and assembly personnel with experience in the work. This subsidiary in Puerto Rico has now become one of the largest facilities of the company. In the beginning the Vice President and General Manager of Curtis Instruments (Puerto Rico), Inc. was the Engineer Miguel A. Tirado (1953-2000). After Tirado’s death, Alberto Alvarado, who’s has been part of Curtis (PR) since its foundation was selected to continue with Tirado’s legacy

In the 90’s Curtis added more categories of products and expanded the production plant in Puerto Rico. Here we produce many kinds of synchronizers instruments and meters, power meters and motor speed controllers. The product manufactured in Curtis is the source of most motor controllers used for golf vehicles in the United States. In addition, we manufacture products for motorized wheelchairs, chairs for disabled, forklifts and industrial vehicles employing two drivers. The company continues to make efforts to advance its position in the market and stand as the leader in the technology of speed controllers for electric vehicles.

Learn about our history

History of Curtis Instruments Puerto Rico

Curtis Puerto Rico, worldwide leader in speed technology controllers for electric vehicles. Know more about our history!

Forging the Future of Curtis

The New Curtis Manufacturing Plant in Carolina

Curtis Puerto Rico is growing and expanding and we are moving to a new facility.  Work has started on our 80,000 square foot facility.  Read these important facts about the move.

Walk for your hero

Find out more about Alzheimer's disease and the initiative walk for your hero! You can also access a link and hear the beautiful song by the singer Victor Manuelle "algo le pasa a mi héroe".


Never is late to achieve our dreams

Learn more about the inspiring story of success of our employee Charles Peterson.

Red Nose Day

Making The Difference

Curtis joined this beautiful movement, employees came together for this cause to make a difference for kids of the poorest communities in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. All of the money raised helps support projects to ensure the safety, health, and education of these kids.

Curtis Instruments Puerto Rico
Manufacturing Automation & Integration Services

Made in Puerto Rico. Made Easy.

Whether you want to design and install an entirely new manufacturing solution, or simply cut costs on the one you already have – Curtis Instruments Puerto Rico will partner with you to provide full-service factory automation & integration. We have more than five decades of manufacturing experience, including advanced automated manufacturing experience right here in Puerto Rico. Curtis Instruments Puerto Rico has the know-how and specialized expertise to provide you with everything you need. Our cutting-edge technology and in-house expertise cover the full spectrum of system integration.

Curtis will analyze your existing systems and create a cost-effective, user-friendly automated manufacturing line, including concept, design, construction and programming. Our team will work with yours to creatively meet your robotic automation opportunities. We provide complete systems solutions with talented, experienced engineers who offer a unique automation solution that fits your robotic automation needs. We will spec the right components for you without affiliation to any hardware manufacturer. You’ll have optimal control of your manufacturing solution with a system that’s perfect for you, perfect for your operation and a perfect improvement to your bottom line*.

Let a Puerto Rican industry leader evaluate how automation could optimize your operation with a Complimentary Consultation. Come by and visit Curtis to see our manufacturing line and to discuss your needs and requirements.

* Your business may be eligible for a Puerto Rican tax credit of up to 50% for these services under Act 73 of 2008 or Act 83 of 2010

Manufacturing Automation & Integration Services

Made in Puerto Rico. Made Easy.

Curtis Instruments Puerto Rico now offers full service factory automation & integration including concept, design, construction and programming. Click here to learn more.

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Curtis Manufacturing - A Commitment to Quality

We strive to design and manufacture only one level of quality - the highest.  See the automated production process at Curtis Puerto Rico.