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Curtis Instruments Puerto Rico

History of Curtis Instruments (Puerto Rico), Inc.

To increase the production of the original factory of Curtis in Mt. Kisco, New York the subsidiary of Curtis Instruments in Puerto Rico was established in 1986. With the purpose of developing this new factory Curtis hired engineers, production technicians and assembly personnel with experience in the work. This subsidiary in Puerto Rico has now become one of the largest facilities of the company. In the beginning the Vice President and General Manager of Curtis Instruments (Puerto Rico), Inc. was the Engineer Miguel A. Tirado (1953-2000). After Tirado’s death, Alberto Alvarado, who’s has been part of Curtis (PR) since its foundation was selected to continue with Tirado’s legacy

In the 90’s Curtis added more categories of products and expanded the production plant in Puerto Rico. Here we produce many kinds of synchronizers instruments and meters, power meters and motor speed controllers. The product manufactured in Curtis is the source of most motor controllers used for golf vehicles in the United States. In addition, we manufacture products for motorized wheelchairs, chairs for disabled, forklifts and industrial vehicles employing two drivers. The company continues to make efforts to advance its position in the market and stand as the leader in the technology of speed controllers for electric vehicles.

Learn about our history

History of Curtis Instruments Puerto Rico

Curtis Puerto Rico, worldwide leader in speed technology controllers for electric vehicles. Know more about our history!


5 minutes workout


Ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimize human well-being and overall system performance. In order to promote the physical health of our employees, Curtis Instruments decided to implement 5 minutes of ergonomic exercises for the employees on the production line. With this project we hope to aware our employees about the importance of ergonomics and the benefits that brings to the health.




Dawalmy de León

Employee of the month

We are pleased to inform the selection of Dawalmy de Leon as the employee of the month of September. Dawalmy thank you for your commitment to the quality of our products, this is the commitment that allows Curtis to distinguish itself as a world-class company.

Curtis is celebrating

Our grand opening

On September 22,2016 we had the opportunity to be visited by our board of directors, suppliers and other important people that contributed in the development of Curtis Instruments. Click here to see a video with photos of this event.


Another year at Curtis Instruments

Employee Aniversary

In the month of September we had the opportunity to deliver the anniversary checks by our President, Stuart Marwell and our Human Resources VP, Anne Papaelias. Thank you very much for being present in significant moments like this.


Photo booth

Curtis employees celebrate!

We had the opportunity to celebrate with our employees the inauguration of our new facilities. Click here to see some pictures and stay tuned for more...

Our new facilities

The New Curtis Manufacturing Plant in Carolina, PR

We finally moved and we want to share this amazing achievement with you! Click here to see a video of the transformation of our new facilities.


Our First General Manager

Miguel A. Tirado

Last September we had the opportunity to share with the widow of our first General Manager, Miguel A. Tirado. In the reunion with Nancy Acosta and her family we had the privilege to remember Miguel's legacy and commemorate his life.


The family grows

Curtis new babies

We want to congrat Yarelis Hernández, Yaniel Marrero and Misael Sosa on the new adventure of becoming parents. Click here to see photos of the baby shower.


Never is late to achieve our dreams

Learn more about the inspiring story of success of our employee Charles Peterson.


Running your race!

Know our employees

Know more about Rafael Sánchez and his interesting story of health and wellness.